French calibration & validation team for CFOSAT mission is organized like this:


  • WWEC (Wind and Waves Expert Center): LATMOS + LOPS + METEO FRANCE + CLS + OceanDataLab + Eodyn
  • SWEC (SWIM Wave Expertise Cell): CNES

LOPS laboratory is a joint effort from IFREMER+CNRS+IRD+UBO. SIAM (Air Sea Surface Interfaces) LOPS's team is leading the activity of CFOSAT cal/val. Main contributors: Bertrand Chapron, Frédéric Nouguier, Alexey Mironov, Alexis Mouche, Antoine Grouazel, Victor Gressani, Fabrice Ardhuin, Abderrahim Bentamy, Fanny Ardhuin.